Want to Read Wednesday – The Graces

Hello humans! I'm back with another W2RW post. Looking at my Goodreads shelf I've been through and added a fair amount of backlist things recently (where normally it's all new releases), so this week I'm talking about a book that has been recommended to me by a few people. Goodreads Summary: Everyone said the Graces... Continue Reading →


A Giveaway!

Hello humans! I've been saying I'd do it for a while, and I've only just got round to sorting out the logistics, but I'm running another giveaway! In order to win your choice of any book up to £15 all you need to do is head over to my twitter, follow me and retweet the... Continue Reading →

The Quantum Magician, Derek Künsken

Hello humans! Today's book review is for another book from my local publisher Rebellion Publishing, the same house who brought us Binary System and Paris Adrift among others. I always enjoy reading books from them as it feels like I'm supporting local publishing (and, more importantly, publishing outside of London). I should also mention that my husband and a few... Continue Reading →

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