Quiet Acoustic Vibes

‘What are you listening to?’ Is not a question I am often asked by people in my life. For some reason the decade or so of forcing people to listen to gloomy, slow paced British indie music has taught my nearest and dearest to steer clear of my headphones on pain of being thoroughly depressed. But every once in a while there’s a song that I cannot help but share with everyone I know. This week I discovered one such song.

My Spotify ‘discover’ playlist is often the source of some amazing music, whatever algorithms they are using certainly do their job. But something was off this week, maybe I wasn’t in the mood, maybe I’ve been listening to such an obscure mixture of tunes that the poor little algorithm just couldn’t handle it. The jumble of slow paced, mellow music just wasn’t doing anything for me.

But then, third to last was a beautiful, catchy, mellow-but-not-boring song that brightened my day and, at listen number 153, has yet to get boring. May I introduce you to ‘Michigan and Again’ by a wonderful band called The Accidentals.

The Accidentals are a band that have never been on my radar before and I can’t say that anything in their backlog has excited me as much as this single but they have everything I love in an indie-esque band: violins, cellos, acoustic guitar, soft drums, harmonies, and weird lyrics that you have to interpret for a while. Suffice to say I’m going to keep an eye on this bunch and if they ever make their way to old ‘blighty’ I’ll be in the front row doing some kind of interpretive dance.

This song is a love letter to the state of Michigan, a place I have never been nor do I know anyone from there. But it’s more than just a letter to a state, it’s a poignant song about home, about place and about the cycle of leaving and returning. Yes that’s a pretentious analysis but it is that evocative. As someone who left home recently, without the intention of coming back anytime soon, there’s something about the lyric ‘home is where you left your heart behind, even fortified fossils dissolve over time’ that just speaks to me.

Give it a listen, I dare you, at the very least you’ll be humming the lyric ‘Michigan and again and again and again and again’ for a good long while, and if I influence your life in no other way that’ll be worth it. That and they’ve got the single on pay what you want currently, who doesn’t like reasonably priced music?

Listen here and find out more about The Accidentals if you’re so inclined.

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