Ed Sheeran – How would you feel? (Paean)

I cannot lie, I am bed-wettingly excited about the release of Divide (%?) on March 3rd. I adored Ed’s previous 2 albums and everything else he has produced around them. Even the songs I don’t like I could probably recite all the lyrics to.

Whoever runs marketing for Sheeran ought to get a pay rise though because the promotion of this album has been subtle while at the same time being emmense. The release of Shape of You and Castle on the Hill shook the social media world and for good reason. There was something for everyone. As Ed himself said in an interview the songs were so different and reflect the diverse nature of the album.

The third song to be released from the album is ‘How Would you Feel’ which continues in this trend of showing the range of music which should be evident on the album.

I remember reading somewhere that Thinking out Loud was the most popular song for first dances at weddings this year just gone and it’s not surprising given the music video which features Ed himself dancing like a professional…sort of. How Would you Feel seems like a continuation of this, I can see it taking the ‘this is our song’ market by storm. It’s a love song that celebrates not the swift (no pun intended) kind of teenage love that’s instantaneous, burning fast but bright, but the power of a love that deepens over time.

‘It’s just something that I want to do
I’m taking my time, spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you’

It’s Sheeran in his element, lyrically uncomplicated in essence but powerful nonetheless. Like many, I’m sure, I had to google what ‘paean’ meant and discovered that it meant a song of praise or triumph. Sheeran proves that to be triumphant doesn’t mean you need a dozen trumpets and a ceremonial procession. I think nowadays we need this reminder that triumph can be simple, small and yet powerfully moving.

If these three songs are truly representative of the quality of the rest of the album I’m profoundly excited.


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