The Staves- Tired as F*ck/Train Tracks

I first encountered the staves in the wonderful arrangement of their song ‘Blood I Bled’ by the incomparable acapella group The Vassar Devils in their set for a competition in 2016. In a group of around 20 they captured the eerie harmonies of these singing sisters which features in many of their songs.

The single(s) released on the 10th of February this year are no exception. ‘Tired as Fuck’ has a fairly heavy breakdown but the layering of voices and the ethereal sound remains true to where these performers come from and what makes their live performances sound so amazing.

The two songs fit elegantly together, with ‘Train Tracks’ a much more relaxed, slower paced song. Neither songs are particularly upbeat and I wouldn’t recommend listening to them if you’re having a bad day unless you want to wallow in despair. But if you’re in the right place for the impeccably placed harmonies and unusual, often cryptic lyrics from this phenomenal UK trio, this single should definitely get added to your playlist.

I’m looking forward to what these women produce this year and beyond. Although I confess I would look forward to it a lot more if I knew the Vassar Devils would cover more of their songs – I’m obsessed.

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