Trolls – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Review

Yes. We have ‘sunk’ to this level. I’ve said I’ll review anything and this is what I’m listening to at the moment to motivate me through the working day. What’s bringing me joy in the film industry is how they’re opting for getting famous people to produce their soundtracks which makes for a really modern sound. In this case it’s Justin Timberlake but another example would be Moana, the music for which was written in part by Lin Manuel Miranda.

But you didn’t come here to hear about Moana (though I cannot stress enough how good the music is) you came here to hear about Trolls. So I have watched the film, it was surprisingly tolerable for a film that appears to have been made largely for the purpose of merchandising. But one of the key themes of the film is joy, a theme which definitely comes through in this soundtrack, it’s poppy, it wants to make you move your feet, it’s getting me through the sea of spreadsheets that is my day job.

There’s a combination of originals and covers which gives a nice variety to the album. Largely they are upbeat numbers featuring Timberlake, Anna Kendrick (yay!), Ariana Grande (is she everywhere at the moment?), Zooey Deschanel (who I didn’t realise was in this) and many more people you wouldn’t think would agree to be in this film. This makes for a really joyful, fun, happy, ‘other synonym for joyful’ album.

Highlights include Anna Kendrick rapping to the song ‘Move your feet’ but instead of ‘move your feet and feel united’ it’s ‘shake your hair and feel united’, and the unexpectedly beautiful duet of True colours between Kendrick and Timberlake, a pairing I didn’t know I needed until now, but I do need them to sing duets of all my favourite songs now please.

The key song of the film which it would be a crime not to mention is ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ which Justin Timberlake sang at the Academy Awards. It’s a really good pop song that has that Justin Timberlake vibe that just makes my ‘late 90s/early 00s child’ heart soar. (He’s still bringing sexy back).

Having a hard day? Finding that even coffee won’t penetrate your early morning fog, give this a listen and dance through the rest of your day. Warning: you may find yourself singing all of the songs for the rest of the day and if all your friends decide they hate you it really isn’t my fault.

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