Want-to-Read Wednesdays ‘Strange the Dreamer’ By Laini Taylor

Is this the most exciting thing to happen to me in 2017? Quite possibly. Perhaps that’s a little harsh to my future husband. But we’re not getting married until September and THE NEXT LAINI TAYLOR BOOK PUBLISHES IN MARCH!

I would say at least once a month I read at least a chapter of one of the ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ novels. They are some of the best young adult novels I have ever had the privilege of reading.I dyed my hair blue purely because I want to be Karou with every fibre of my being.

Now I get a whole new series to enjoy? Yes please!

Maybe I’m building it up to much in my head. Maybe I’m going to be horrifically disappointed? But look at this cover!


It’s so beautiful I want to wear it embroidered on a dress and walk through a hedge maze (did anyone else look up the latest Dior runway show obsessively? Just me?). For reference the US cover looks like this:


Which is nowhere near as good but the US has enough going on at the moment that I can’t fault them for their cover choices at this point.

But enough judging by covers. What’s the book about? Let’s see here…a male protagonist who is also a librarian? Mention of ‘a girl every bit as perilous as she is imperiled’? Some kind of blue goddess? A mythical city called Weep? 

Colour me intrigued. We know Laini can build worlds within worlds within worlds. We know she can write characters with huge depth that just make you either want to fall in love or march to war.

Laini’s books have always left me with the feeling that I want to sit down and write something. That feeling, I think, is the highest praise I can give to any book, to any series.

So…suffice to say I am excited, it will be preordered, it will be read within two days, it will be read again. The 28th of March can’t come soon enough.

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