March Favourites 2017

Hello and welcome to my very first ‘favourites.’ I want to share with you all the things I’ve been loving in March.

1. Shiny Book Covers

Maybe in another universe I was a magpie because this month I seem to have been drawn towards foiled book covers. From Ink to Heartless to The House of Shattered Wings I’ve been reading a lot of things which have reflective elements on the covers.

Ipod cameras cannot capture the shine.


2. Prawn Cocktail flavoured things

I know some will be utterly disgusted by this. But this month I’ve been craving all things prawn cocktail. I do know it’s basically just ketchup flavouring but there’s something about the sweet and the sour and the tangy mixing together that just makes me happy right now. Quite annoyingly, I have actually had real prawn cocktail but it didn’t really hit the spot.

This: disgusting. Pringles: delicious.

3. Guilty Pleasure Music

You know I reviewed the Trolls soundtrack this month. I’d like to say I’m not ashamed…but I am. I even had a dream about Justin Timberlake at one point, that’s how much I’ve been listening to it. What can I say? Some months you want moody indie music that no-one else listens to, and other months you need that lively, upbeat, four chords music that just gets you through the day.

No…you’re listening to the soundtrack to a children’s film.

4. Matte dark lipstick

I’ll be honest, this is a favourite most months, but there’s something about it getting lighter in the evenings that makes the winter-lover in me want to wear darker lipstick. I absolutely love my Kat Von D Witches for when I want to make a statement, but I’ve also invested in some work appropriate burgundies which are bringing me joy.

5. Mary Oliver

I came across this poet from the Q and A Laiani Taylor gave as a precursor to the release of Strange the Dreamer.  I’ve had to stop myself printing out dozens of quotes to stick up on my mood board at work. I’ve settled for one but basically everything she writes is just beautiful and powerful and so often just captures my fanciful mind.

mary oliver
My wall is all the more inspirational. Thanks Mary!

6. Chunky Knit Blankets

These look phenomenally cosy! I’ve decided that the minute the wedding is all paid off I am going to start saving for one (in every colour). I very rarely get the hankering for soft furnishings but I can’t wait to bundle myself up under one of these with a pile of new novels.


What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below, maybe I’ll discover something to make April even more fabulous.

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