What I’m listening to…

I’m a shoreline
Like the seasons, you know I’ll change
In time
You will see my good, but it comes in waves
And just as the tides
I can be a low
And I can get high
Oh, Lord knows I’m a shoreline

If you go all the way back to the start of this blog you’ll learn that I love quiet, soothing relaxing music with a little bit of harmony. Shoreline buy Andrew James feat. Jaimee Harris certainly fills that criteria.

It’s not just the relaxing nature of this song that compelled me to tell you guys about it (you know I’m usually all about books) but I think the lyrics of this song are profoundly beautiful. Back when I used to write a lot of music I found that I love any imagery about the sea, I think it’s my Portsmouth past pushing through. So anything with a bit of sea-based metaphor is a winner in my book.

And it’s not what you think
See, my heart can hold than I showed
But I’m not giving up
Till I figure out just how to love

It’s a little mushy, don’t listen if you’re already sad as it’s not a particularly uplifting song.

Apologies there’s no book review here, but I figure you guys should be involved in all of my passions and I love to listen to music so here it is.

Give the song a listen and tell me what you think in the comments below!



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