Want-to-Read Wednesdays, ‘The Witchfinder’s Sister’ by Beth Underdown

Historical paranormal fiction is not a genre I have considered, as it were. By which I mean I daresay I’ve read a lot of it, but I’ve never walked into a bookshop with that in mind. This week’s Want-to-Read Wednesday The Witchfinder’s Sister appears to fit into that genre…and I’m really looking forward to this one.31378911.jpg

Goodreads Summary:

The number of women my brother Matthew killed, so far as I can reckon it, is one hundred and six…

1645. When Alice Hopkins’ husband dies in a tragic accident, she returns to the small Essex town of Manningtree, where her brother Matthew still lives.

But home is no longer a place of safety. Matthew has changed, and there are rumours spreading through the town: whispers of witchcraft, and of a great book, in which he is gathering women’s names.

To what lengths will Matthew’s obsession drive him?
And what choice will Alice make, when she finds herself at the very heart of his plan?

This book has endorsements coming out of it’s ears, which is partly what drove me towards it, including one from Natasha Pulley, who wrote The Watchmaker of Filligree Street which I thought was well worth reading, though my mother would wholeheartedly disagree with me!

While endorsements do not a book make it does imply that this book has been doing the rounds, there’s been a bit of buzz surrounding it and I am definitely being caught up in that frenzy.

Fun fact about me: I was once in a production of The Crucible when I was eleven years old. I’m not sure if that’s where my interest in Witch trials began or whether that was more a result of the Horrible Histories series. Either way, I love everything and anything witchy, I suspect the ‘W’ section of my review archive will be growing steadily larger as this blog continues. That’s largely what appeals to me about this particular title. I don’t know how ‘paranormal’ this book will be, it may not be a true ‘historical fantasy’ but either way I’m excited to get my grubby paws on it and see what it’s all about.

Have you read or heard about this book? Let me know what you thought in the comments, but no spoilers please!

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