Children of Thorns, Children of Water Aliette de Bodard Mini Review

Very speedy review since this book was a preorder reward for House of Binding Thorns which I still haven’t managed to read. It’s firmly on my list since I really enjoyed House of Shattered Wings (my review is here).

I don’t read a lot of short fiction, partly because I like something I can really get my teeth into and partly because I read too quickly and the story feels over before it’s begun. But I’m beginning to see why people like short stories like this. It’s a kind of really speedy catharsis, with intense emotions all resolving themselves in 100 pages.

I have a feeling this story of magic taking over a wing of the house of Hawthorn will make a lot more sense after I’ve read the second book in the series. But what does come through is Aliette De Bodard’s otherworldly prose. I don’t know how but they have a way of viewing the world through a whole different lense. Her writing instantly transports me. I adored the first book, I loved this short story and I’m excited to devour the sequel!

If you liked the first book and like me you’re saving your pennies for the sequel, I would recommend trying to get your hands on a copy of this short story, it’s a nice dip into the world of Aliette De Bodard’s Paris without having to dive in completely.

(Are mini-reviews something that interests you guys? My schedule is jammed at work at the moment and I’m working through a pile of ARC’s I want to publish nearer their pub dates so I don’t have as much time for writing as I normally do. Let me know on twitter (@judithcmoore) or via the comments below!)

Just so you know, I received a digital copy of this free from Netgalley, but all opinions are my own 🙂



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