April Favourites. What I’ve been loving this month

Hello again dearest friends and welcome to my second ever favourites post. It seems April went by in a flash of easter eggs and bunny rabbits and now here we are at the end. People seemed to like my March favourites so I thought I’d give it another go and share with you some of the things I have been absolutely loving in April.

1) Dragons!

Ok so maybe this is a bit of a cheat because, as you well know if you’ve been following this blog for a while now, dragons are always my favourites. But I’ve just been in one of those phases where all I want to read about is giant fantastical lizards with wings. It happens to all of us (what do you mean it doesn’t?)

Dragon reviews from this month in case you want to catch up:

The Tropic of Serpents


Seraphina and Shadow Scale

A Natural History of Dragons

2) Youtube Sewing Tutorials

I’m always on the lookout for relaxing content to watch while I’m crocheting or relaxing of an evening. This month I discovered the wonder that is sewing tutorial videos. I don’t know why but there is something about watching someone turn a hunk of fabric into a gorgeous garment that just soothes me right through to my core.

My absolute favourite of all that I have found so far is Annika Victoria who is not only a phenomenal seamstress but also a thoroughly entertaining, charismatic and wonderful youtuber. I’ve started saving up for a sewing machine of my own just so I can attempt to be 1% as cool as she is. If you haven’t already you should subscribe to her channel.

3) BB cream

As the sun descended on us this month (and then, as it always does, promptly went away again) I realised I needed to get serious about taking better care of my skin or I’m going to end up looking like a shrivelled husk by the time I’m twenty three. I’ve invested in a fancy Olay BB cream which is keeping me moist while giving me a little bit of coverage. I’m seeing how the month goes but I think the spf coverage is going to really help minimise the sun damage my skin normally endures over the spring/summer months.

Image result for Olay Total Effects 7in1 Touch of Foundation BB Moisturiser
Come at me sunshine.

4) Stevie McCrorie

Another star find by my Spotify discover playlist. Back when The Voice UK started I was really into it, forcing my whole family to watch. But gradually I just fell out of the habit of watching it. I would never have guessed that this amazing singer/songwriter with his gorgeous accent was the winner of a reality TV singing competition. This isn’t cookie cutter pop-star stuff, it’s catchy, well written and has been fueling my music needs this month. Check out Stevie’s album Big World and especially my favourite song…Big World.

Image result for stevie mccrorie big world
You clearly won’t regret it

5) Sunglasses

Another side effect of the gorgeous weather from the start of the month was me purchasing these AMAZING sunglasses which make me feel like a vintage goddess who is far cooler than I actually am. Gaze upon my awkward selfie and be proud of my face.

I think this was secretly taken in a Waterstones…
So that’s what’s been captivating me this month. Stay tuned (for 31 days) to find out what grabs me in May. Have you made any kind of favourites/wrap up post? Comment below with the link or tweet me @judithcmoore I’d love to see it!

Last Month’s Favourites


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