May 2017: To Be Read List

Well April went by in a flash didn’t it! So much has happened, I went home for Easter which was blissful (because there is a dog at home), 4/5 of my bridesmaids fit into their dresses which makes me very happy, my colleague got a puppy, another one had a baby, it’s all go in my little corner of the world. But in the midst of all the business, there’s reading to be done. Here’s a little glimpse of what I’m hoping to read this month:

1) The rest of the Red Queen Series

By the time this goes out hopefully I’ll have devoured at least the second one of these, but I’d really like to have read all four by the end of May. Dream big!

2) The rest of the Memoirs of Lady Trent

I’m working my way through all of these and they make me so happy I want to read all of them!

3) So many ARCs

Seriously, for some reason my schedule went a bit wacky and now I’m trying to read and get reviews out in time for about 4 books that publish in May or June. Keep eyes peeled for these, there’s some things in there that have the potential to either be brilliant or to be brilliantly awful!

4) More books from the library/charity shops

I know this isn’t really a specific title either (sorry this list is less definite than last month) but I’d really like to start supporting local charity shops (or thrift stores to my international pals) and also my local library, since I’ve been buying too many new books of late and I need to get it together or my bank account will be somewhat cross with me.

So this is more of a ‘goals’ list than a specific ‘to be read’ list but what the hey! Check in with you guys in a month or so to see how things go?

Link me to your lists if you have them, I’d love to know what you’re reading!

Check out My April TBR list and the wrap up (if you like)!


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