Want-To-Read-Wednesday, Song of the Current, Sarah Tolcser

You may have seen this book on basically any ‘new YA releases in 2017’ list on the internet, I too have seen this book and have been suckered in, not only because I love to support debut authors in their endeavours, not only because the cover is freaking beautiful I mean look at it…


…but also because the plot sounds really cool. There’s a river God, countless mentions of destiny, pirates (I’m a sucker for Pirates) and romance! Yes, this will most likely be a romance heavy book, but since it’s being marketed as ‘an immersive and romantic fantasy’ (thought that might not necessarily mean romance now I look at it again) I don’t think it’s pretending to be anything else.

There are so many great books that take water as a theme (oooh that should be a tag, is there an elements tag? If there is let me know, if not, it’s my idea and you have to credit me if you do it!) and this could very easily be one of them. It’s being published by bloomsbury which bodes well, I know there are amazing indie publishers out there but I do still value the opinion of the big publishing houses.

I’ve got to admit it, I’m looking forward to this one.

Have you managed to snag this already before the release date in June? Let me know what you thought, is this worth my time?

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