My June Goals: Reading, Spending and More!

Aloha mortals! I’ve been doing some big life thinking things and I’m ready to share with you my goals for June. There’s a few reading goals, some blog based goals and my very exciting spending goals! Stay tuned…

1. No Spending in June

So May was an expensive month for me…and it really didn’t need to be. I just found myself giving in to that little voice that tells me I need another lipstick, or that I can’t wait for the library and I have to buy that sequel now.

Those of you in the know will be aware that I’m getting married in September and there are a few things I’d like to have (some high end makeup, jewellery etc.) that we didn’t factor into the wedding budget. So that’s my motivation for saying that in June I am going to try my hardest not to spend any money. My exceptions to this are groceries (it would be a bit unfair to demand that the fiancé did all the shopping) and other essentials (for instance, if I run out of deodorant I’m not going to go without).

I’m actually quite excited about cutting the spending cycle I’ve got myself into and being able to save some pennies that I can turn into pounds. But I need some accountability if I’m going to manage this so I might post a few update posts when the fancy takes me or I might mention it at the bottom of a few blog posts. If you want to send me encouragement (or if you’re doing a similar thing and you want some encouragement yourself) please feel free to comment on posts or to send me pictures of puppies via my twitter (@judithcmoore).

2. Stick to my Reading Plan

Another bad habit I’ve been slipping into has been ignoring my reading plan in favour of other (more exciting books). I keep a pretty packed schedule and I really need to stick to it if I want to get the best quality of content out at the best time. Hopefully a bit of a book buying ban will help that since I won’t be tempted by shiny new things…we shall see.

3. Follow more booktubers/bookstagrammers

I’m such a huge fan of this community and the gorgeous, interesting, entertaining content we produce and I want to find more of it. If you’ve got any recommendations for great blogs, bookstagrams or booktubers (in particular British booktubers because for some reason I can’t find any) please post them down below (especially if it’s you!) I’d love to follow them.

Those are my big three goals for this month. What can you expect to get on the blog in June? Well we’ll hopefully have a lot of great book reviews out, some ARC some older books so we can discover some new things and some old together. In the meantime stay wonderful! I’ll see you soon!


Drop back in tomorrow for a review of an upcoming novel featuring virtual reality, ‘ghosts’ and a terrible virus. Don’t forget to click follow to never miss a post!


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