Want to Read Wednesday! Sabriel, Garth Nix

Good morning mortals! It’s want to read wednesday, the day of the week where I talk about a book, new, old or not yet published that I really want to read. If you ever want to participate (I promise it’s fun) all you have to do is tag me in your post so I know what you’re up to!

This week’s book is what some would call a ‘classic’ but I just haven’t ever got round to (shamefully, I think, because the cover never grabbed my attention). Then when G-Swizzel (an amazing booktuber) mentioned it I realised I should probably get around to it!

Sabriel has high fantasy, school setting, Fey, it’s everything I like in that kind of fantasy book. I do have an audio copy out from the library so if I have time before I need to return it hopefully I will be able to experience this soon.


What are you wanting to read at some point in the future? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @judithcmoore!

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow when I’ll have a review of a book that just wouldn’t leave me alone!


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