Want to Read Wednesday! Den of Stars, Christopher Byford

Good morning mortals (or good [insert time of day here] to my non UK based friends! Yes I am back with another Want to Read Wednesday the day of the week where I talk about a book, new, old or not yet published that I really want to read. If you ever want to participate (I promise it’s fun) all you have to do is tag me in your post so I know what you’re up to!


This cover has only just been revealed as I write this but it is so pretty. I liked the cover for Den of Shadows but I’m a sucker for a purple cover *sigh*. If you read my review of the first book in the series you’ll know that I really enjoyed it (despite inaccurate comparisons to The Night Circus) so I’m really glad that I only have to wait until October for the sequel because waiting a whole year would definitely have been torture.

So far there’s been very little released about this sequel other than title and release date but I’m definitely going to read it as soon as I can!

This semi-western, semi-steampunk world is so fun to dip into and with the ending of the first book not being a cliffhanger as such but definitely having a fair bit of anticipation I’m definitely looking for some more time in this universe!


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