Candles, Thesbians and Sassy movie reviews! It’s my June Favourites!

June is over! How can this be? I’ve had the busiest month with half of it being taken up by putting on a play I had written (eek) and the other half was catching up on all the wedding planning/reading I had neglected while putting on said show! But, despite my horrendously busy schedule (and my buying ban) I’ve managed to pull together some of my favourites for this month:

In the Wick of Time Candle: Flame

Ok so at some point I want to do a proper bookish product review of this because I loved it so much but this made my June so much nicer. I got this teeny candle in my May Fairyloot box (which I never actually posted an unboxing for silly me!) but it smelled so amazing I almost didn’t want to light it because I didn’t want it to end. Sadly In the Wick of Time are US based and I’m not really about shipping products from overseas, but if anyone knows of any other great UK based candle companies do let me know!

2017-05-22 18.15.14

My Bullet Journal

With all the business this month I think I would have fallen apart were it not for my trusty bullet journal. I don’t post much about it because I don’t keep it particularly tidy and it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to show people but for me it’s the first system that’s ever managed to keep me on track. I’m still shocked I’m staying on schedule four months in!

James Arthur: Can I be him?

This song was a happy discovery through the Mellow Pop playlist on Spotify. It’s just one of those songs that earwormed it’s way into my head and stayed there all month. I’m the type to listen to a song until I absolutely hate it so we’ll see how long this one lasts!


So if you haven’t discovered these two movie reviewers on Youtube yet then there’s a good chance you’re missing out. These two have references to movies I have never even heard of and they are beyond entertaining to watch. That’s not to say I don’t disagree with them on a lot of their opinions, but I’m always smiling when I do. See their channel here.

Putting on my own play!

So those who don’t follow me on twitter, instagram or in real life might not know but this month the student society I’m still just about a part of put on a play I had written. It was very silly, about an English seaside town, a fish and chip shop and a buried pirate treasure. It’s so amazing to see the things you created come to life and I also got to write the music which was super duper fun! See below for a ridiculous poster made by my lovely fiancĂ© (who also directed).


So there you have it! My June favourites. It’s interesting how a buying ban meant that I didn’t really have book or makeup favourites this month unlike normal. Hopefully you enjoyed these anyway. We’ve got another busy month ahead of us so I shall see you in the near future!

Don’t forget to hit that follow button and please do link me to your end of the month wrap ups and favourites, I love reading them!

Can’t wait to hear from you


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  1. I had the Mist candle in my May FairyLoot box and it smells amazing as well!
    I’ve created the habbit of lighting it and then putting it out a few minutes after.
    Just enough to get the smell and yet being able to use the candle as long as possible, haha.

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