My July 2017 TBR

Happy July everybody! Over half way through the year and I am so excited for this second portion. I’ve got a lot going on, mostly the fact that I’m getting married in September (AAAAH) but we’re also moving house and I’m meeting up with friends I haven’t seen for a long time and all in all it’s just going to be an amazing six months (hopefully I haven’t jinxed it now).

I don’t really feel like setting ‘goals’ as such this month like I did for June, though that was fun to do I think I just need a bit of freedom for the summer. So I’ll just put in some of the things I am excited about reading this month:


These are just some of the books I’m hoping to read and review in July! Anything here on your list too? Maybe we could discuss it? Let me know in the comments below!

Can’t wait to hear from you,


2 thoughts on “My July 2017 TBR

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  1. I read Roar already and really loved it; hope you will too!

    I’m pretty sure I have some of Patrick Rothfuss’ book in my bookcase (TBR); but honestly… I have no clue which ones exactly, haha. I’ll discover it when I get round to reading them. :’)

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    1. Haha, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it!

      I have huge lists of everything on my TBR and when I plan to read them (it goes to plan about 20% of the time!) but maybe I need to relax a little and just ‘discover’ things ;p

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