Musings #1 My Blog schedule

Morning all,

So, as you know, my blogging schedule is pretty packed. As it currently stands it looks a bit like this:

Monday: Book review

Tuesday: Tag/Review

Wednesday: Want to Read Wednesday

Thursday-Saturday: Review

Sunday: Nothing (unless I have to pack in an extra ARC review that day)

This schedule works for me, I know it’s a lot but I read so much and I like to review everything I read the only way to get the reviews up is to post that often. This is just what suits my schedule and my life at the moment.

The one thing is, the only way you can stay on top of a schedule like this is to work waaaay in advance. Currently I have blog posts planned and written around three weeks ahead of time? That’s also wonderful and it means I have a bit of wiggle room if I am ill or just busy at any point. But it does mean I never feel like I’m posting anything particularly reactive or current for you guys, except for maybe W2RW since I tend to forget to pre plan those.

So here is my proposal, on occasional Sundays or days when I don’t have content planned (but no more than once a week) I want to post a ‘musing’ which will just be a little bit of writing about… whatever I want. Don’t feel obliged to read it (though I hope you will) it’s just my way of feeling current and connected to the blog and making it feel more free and easy.

So yes, what do you think? Is this a good idea or is this a case of the best laid plans?

You are all my favourite humans



7 thoughts on “Musings #1 My Blog schedule

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  1. You are way more organised than I am. Half the time I write my posts an hour or two in advance never mind three weeks 😂

    I’d definitely be interested in your musings.


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