Want to Read Wednesday, The Lunar Chronicles!

Well hello fellow weird people who like to read a lot! Welcome back to Chain Interaction’s weekly exciting book tag ‘Want to Read Wednesday’. If you’ve not read any of these before then let me elucidate. Want to Read Wednesday (or W2RW when I’m in a rush) is a tag where you talk about a book you want to read, say a bit about it, say why you want to read it and you’re done! It’s the simplest of things to do and I really enjoy wittering about what may one day be on my ‘read’ shelf.

This week is actually, I’m fairly sure, the twentieth ever Want to Read Wednesday! Let’s just take a moment to celebrate…


Moment over. Let’s see which book I’ve chosen for ‘W2RW’ #20.

I was wondering whether a re-read would count as a W2RW but then I remembered that this is my blog, my idea and if I want to do something I should just do it and damn the consequences (it’s a dramatic speech kind of a day).

So. Let’s do a series. In fact let’s do a series the first book of which I vaguely remember reading but am pretty sure I need to read again.


Yes. I have not yet read all of The Lunar Chronicles. Though I have read Cinder back in the distant past I think it must have been a ‘read at midnight when you can’t sleep’ kind of book because I remember basically nothing about it. So what I’m saying is, not only do I want to re-read Cinder but I also want to read all the other books in this series. I’ve gone back to my Goodreads and studiously added all of them to my TBR.

Why do I want to read these? (I’ve decided to change up the format of W2RW a little to make it a bit more clear. Babble at the top and then three concrete reasons I want to read this/these book(s).

1) The Author

I’ve actually read Marissa Meyer’s latest book Heartless (you can read my review if you so choose) and, while it wasn’t as amazing as I think it could have been I did thoroughly enjoy it. I think The Lunar Chronicles are probably what Meyer is known most for so it seems like a good idea to read her most famous work.

2) My Obsession with Fairytales

If you’re in any way acquainted with me on this blog, twitter or in the real world you’ll know I love a good fairytale. The fiancé and I actually have a beautiful edition of Grimm’s fairy tales on our wedding list so fingers crossed some of our friends think that highly of us. I also adore a fairytale retelling so these books suit me perfectly in that regard!

3) The Ideal Amount of Science Fiction

Every time I review any kind of science fiction title I feel like I need to add a disclaimer that I know little to nothing about the genre. But books like these or Illuminae  (and Gemina)  just have that perfect level of science fiction that you don’t feel like you need a degree in engineering and particle physics to understand them.

So there you have it. I know the YA Bloggers group is buddy reading this this month but I just didn’t have the time to grab a copy and my reading schedule has been manic this month with all the July releases. But I am going to work towards getting these books read.

What do you think? Have you read any of The Lunar Chronicles, if so what did you love about them? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @judithcmoore. Don’t forget to hit that follow button so you never miss a post!

Can’t wait to hear from you



13 thoughts on “Want to Read Wednesday, The Lunar Chronicles!

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  1. I’ve read TLC and loved them, still love them – doh. Be glad you read Heartless first, though, because I’ve heard many people say that they got disappointed by it if they read TLC first and I have to agree. Meyer’s writing is way more up there in TLC – and those books are just freaking amazing. Definitely worth a (re)read!

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  2. I really hated Heartless (was meh on it at first, but the hatred has been growing ever since), but am looking forward to reading The Lunar Chronicles I have Cinder sitting on my shelf now! I sometimes feel like the only person who hasn’t read it.

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  3. The Lunar Chronicles are one of my favorite series, I had so much fun reading them. And I had low expectations for them because I’m kind of…not in fairy tales? I don’t dislike them, but I don’t go chasing after books centered around them. However I gave the Lunar Chronicles a try and was blown away by their creativity and, most of all, the characters. Love those characters. So I really hope you enjoy them!!

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