Want-to-Read Wednesday! A Darker Shade of Magic

It’s the first W2RW of August 2017! Where has this year gone friends? I think I may have mentioned this book back in my post on 10 series I’ve been meaning to start but I thought I would bring it up again in the hope that it motivates me to get off my bum and actually read the things I say I’m going to read!


If you haven’t come across W2RW yet welcome! It’s very fun here. Essentially, every Wednesday I talk about one book that I want to read. Simple as that. Could be a new release, could be hundreds of years old, the only requirement is a desire to get to it at some point!

This book promises some of my favourite things, smuggling, magic, London, other worlds, the list goes on and on. I know myself and I have a feeling this will be one of those ‘sit down and don’t move until you finish it’ kind of books. Time will tell.

If you’re any kind of booklover you’ll have heard about/already read these books so I won’t blither on. Suffice to say people have raved about these books to me so much both on blogs and on twitter (follow me for pithy comments and blither) that I just had to add them to my list. As soon as I can scrape the money to buy them they will bump their way up my TBR!

What say you? Am I setting myself up for failure? Are you one of the twelve people in the world who don’t rave about this book? Let me know in the comments below!

Can’t wait to hear from you



5 thoughts on “Want-to-Read Wednesday! A Darker Shade of Magic

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  1. I personally cannot recommend this series enough since it’s one of my all time favorites… Does the fact that I named my cat after one of the characters say enough? 😉

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      1. It probably did help I got her only days after I finished book three and didn’t want it to be over… Love how well her name fits her personality though. 😉


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