I hate the word Crazy, but I didn’t hate this book. Crazy House, James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet Book Review

The last book I read penned by James Patterson’s Maximum Ride: The Final Warning, book four in the Maximum Ride series, and the point at which I gave up on the series. In fact, I like to pretend it’s a trilogy as it makes me much happier. But I know James Patterson is a good writer as I loved those first three Maximum Ride books. I know he can create a cool concept and some badass characters so I was excited to try out Crazy House and see what was going on.

Goodreads Summary:

Seventeen-year-old Becca Greenfield was snatched from her home and thrown without reason into a hellish prison known as the Crazy House. To avoid execution, she’s told to shut her mouth and keep her head down.

Becca was never really good at either.

Her only hope for survival is for her sister, Cassie, to find her—that the “good twin” will stop following the rules and start breaking them, before it’s too late. Because the jailers at Crazy House soon discover they made a mistake that could get both sisters killed…

So, what about the concept? Broadly speaking, you can pare this down to the core concepts of Maximum Ride, it’s a bunch of young adults trying to understand/fight against a mysterious larger entity that for whatever reason thinks it is doing the right thing. Sadly, no wings in this book but that attitude of ‘just cause you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t question authority’ which was and is an empowering thought.

The tone of these characters is fractionally less slang-filled and chatty than Maximum Ride however, which I appreciated because it didn’t make me feel like I was just reading the same book again. The character’s, particularly our two heroines, are well conceived as well, sometimes twins are hard to pull off because you either make unrealistic polar opposites or you end up with two of the same character which isn’t worth reading. I think Patterson manages to create a believable set of twin sisters, though I turn to real world twins to tell me if I’m right?

Even without the torrent of quips and one liners there’s a good deal of wit and snappy moments in this book. The dialogue was actually one of my favourite parts and there’s definitely some quotes I might be stealing for use in my daily life.

Plot, I enjoyed. I’d forgotten how much a good ‘why on earth is the world this way’ plot can be. There’s spades of mystery and a lot that has yet to be explained. There’s oodles I can’t tell you without spoiling anything! Suffice to say, if you’re interested in creepy science fiction, alternative visions for the future and the like you’ll probably be into Crazy House.

This book definitely reminded me of that appeal that the early Maximum Ride books had. I don’t know if Patterson is planning to drag this series out as much as he did those but I can say that the first book is well worth a read!

My rating: 4/5 stars

By the way, I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

What say you? Did you manage to read all nine Maximum Ride books? Is Crazy House more your speed or are you done with all things Patterson? Let me know in the comments below!

Can’t wait to hear from you


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