My Top 5 Books that Feature…DRAGONS!

It is a fact commonly known (to me) that the one thing that can improve any book or book series is in fact a Dragon. I think it’s partly because they are just so fantastical that they instantly let you know the kind of world you are in and the level of magic and fantasy that you are living in. I know I have a lot of ‘dragon based’ books left to read (and only so much time to read them in) but so far here are (in no particular order)  my 5 favourite books (or book series) that contain dragons.

Note: In the interest of not including Harry Potter on every list I make ever, I have opted to leave it out of this collection. Suffice it to say Harry Potter is amazing and also contains dragons (in case you didn’t know).

1) The Inheritance Cycle

I know some people might hate me for this. I have friends who loathed these books calling them ‘Star Wars with Dragons’ – my question to these people – why wouldn’t you want that? That is combining two of the most epic things I can think of? But in all seriousness, I adored these books as a teenager and I still do as an adult. I love the way that Paolini got deep into the world he had built for himself. The dragons themselves were also phenomenally well done (let’s never ever talk about the film) they were so wise and yet flawed in themselves. I wanted a Saphira so much as a teen I used to name basically anything that could have a name Saphira.


2) The Memoirs of Lady Trent

I’ve talked about these a lot on my blog of late (I’m reading them all, they’re on my mind) so I won’t dwell here. But this is an amazing pseudo-scientific look at dragons that I hadn’t read anywhere before (except in one enormous hard back picture book I got for christmas one year, these books are infinitely better than that. If you’re looking for a feisty matriarch dragon scientist (aren’t we all?) then look no further than Marie Brennan’s Memoirs of Lady Trent.

My (spoiler free) review of the first in the series.


3) Seraphina and Shadow Scale

Again, I’ve reviewed these recently so I won’t linger too long (read my mini review here) but this is dragons in a way you won’t read them anywhere else. If you think you know what I mean – you don’t, trust me this is a unique approach. Logic and maths governs the mind of these Dragons and the main character (Seraphina) struggles with balancing dealings with both humans and Dragons. Ah these are so so good, everyone should read these.


4) Guards Guards!

People don’t often think Pratchett and then think Dragons. But I have a soft spot for Guards Guards! as it was one of the first Pratchett novels I ever read and I loved it for the dragons as much as for anything else. If you like dragons and you like Pratchett’s humour this is definitely for you. If you like dragons and you’ve never read any Pratchett, this is quite a good starting point for the Discworld.


5) The Hobbit

Maybe I’m predictable, maybe this is the most obvious choice of the bunch. But I can’t help the nostalgia that the Hobbit brings me. I can remember it as one of the first non-picture books my Mum ever read to me (painstakingly, chapter by chapter). I also felt like I shouldn’t focus on books where dragons were either neutral or a force for good. If you’ve lived in fear of Tolkien’s tomes for too long (as I have) just remember that the Hobbit was written as a children’s book so it’s far more accessible. Also Smaug is ridiculously cool as a character and everyone should read the Hobbit (if you have time).


What books should I add to my list? Have you got any dragon based titles that you absolutely adore. Send me your recommendations in the comments or tweet me @judithcmoore. I look forward to hearing from you!



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