The Mime Order, Samantha Shannon Book Review

You know those books you finish and then you have to physically hold yourself back from buying the next one in the series because you don’t have the money? Yeah this is one of those books…

Goodreads Summary (Spoilers for The Bone Season

Paige Mahoney has escaped the brutal prison camp of Sheol I, but her problems have only just begun: many of the survivors are missing and she is the most wanted person in London…

As Scion turns its all-seeing eye on the dreamwalker, the mime-lords and mime-queens of the city’s gangs are invited to a rare meeting of the Unnatural Assembly. Jaxon Hall and his Seven Seals prepare to take centre stage, but there are bitter fault lines running through the clairvoyant community and dark secrets around every corner.

Then the Rephaim begin crawling out from the shadows. Paige must keep moving, from Seven Dials to Grub Street to the secret catacombs of Camden, until the fate of the underworld can be decided.

I’m going to start with the thing I loved most about this book. THE ROMANCE IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT. Seriously, I could dance for joy for fifteen hours. In fact…a small celebration…


Right, now that’s out of the way. I cannot stress how much I loved the way that Paige was not consumed by romance for 4/5 of this novel but instead the romance was one element of a much wider plot. It barely enters into the first third of the book! This means that there is so much more room for Paige to develop outside of that romance plot. In addition to that, it makes the romance that much sweeter when it does come into play!

It actually reminded me in essence of A Court of Mist and Fury (which is a book I thoroughly enjoyed don’t get me wrong), in essence, however, ACOMAF is essentially an entire novel that builds to a sex scene. Yes there are other things happening, but that romance and that relationship dominates the action for a large portion of the book. In the case of The Mime Order it could have been the same but was in fact the opposite,  the relationship is secondary to the rest of the plot development.

And what a plot! I was so pleased to get to learn more about this alternative London. It was one of the main things I wanted from the first book and my wish was granted. It’s gritty, it’s dirty, it’s dangerous and it is full of people who can do amazing things. If I were asked to describe a unique take on dystopia, this is the one I would choose.  But the story within that world is also phenomenal. Often, a problem I have with YA dystopian novels is that it can be a little unbelievable how quickly the main character ends up embroiled in the goings on of an entire government. With Paige’s story you can clearly see how every decision she makes and every decision that is made for her leads her to the position she ends up in.

I don’t want to delve too far into the story, as that is something you should get to experience for yourself, but I will say that this is the perfect sequel to The Bone Season because it builds on what was there in book one but it also develops new ideas, new characters and new scenarios for the reader which is exactly how a sequel should be.

I won’t go so far as to say I enjoyed this book more than book #1 but it was certainly on par. Great job Samantha Shannon. Great job.

My rating: 5/5 stars

I bought this book for myself (actually managed to find a signed edition in my local bookshop go me!) and all opinions in this review are my own.

What say you? have you enjoyed these books? Am I going to love The Song Rising? Let me know in the comments below.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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