Top Ten Tuesday is back! 10 Book recommendations people who don’t normally read Science Fiction

Morning everyone! I’m so excited that Top Ten Tuesday is back! I’ve loved seeing what people do in the interim (I personally needed a bit more space for reviews so it was great for me) but I’m looking forward to reading all your posts again (make sure you link me below so I can find them!).

This week’s theme was Ten book recommendations for __________. As bookblogging is really what started to get me into science fiction, a genre which I had previously avoided, I thought I’d share ten of the science fiction books I’ve read which suited me.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the beyond amazing The Broke and Bookish. If you don’t already you should head over there and check out the list of all the amazing book bloggers who take part, it’s a great way to find other bloggers who might read the same books as you!

1/2) Illuminae and Gemina

I’ve blithered about these books as much as the next person but they still deserve their place on this list. If you think you know what science fiction is like think again.

3) The Space Between the Stars


I’m not crying. You’re crying. Or at least you will be when you read this science fiction-y novel.

4) The Bone Season

images (1)

Another great book that could just as easily be described as fantasy but I think it has a science-fiction vibe to it.

5) Binary System


This is a fun tale of survival against the odds in space. It’s a bit weird but worth giving a  chance if you’ve got the time.

6) Voiceless


I reviewed this aaaages ago and sometimes it just floats into my head. Great concept, interesting story.

7) Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles


Not your average zombie novel. This is a great new take on the traditional story that anyone who has read the original will enjoy (or loathe).

8) All the Birds in the Sky


This book is sort of a fusion of science fiction and fantasy which makes it great for readers who normally don’t read one of either genre. It’s very weird but if that’s something you’re into then I think you’ll like this book!

9) Infinity Wars


This isn’t out yet but if you want to get a taste for a number of great writers then you should order this collection of short stories exploring war through the lense of science fiction. (My review should be out soonish).

I actually couldn’t think of a tenth addition except for Divergent which felt like a cop out. So let us leave it there. Are there any of these that you have read? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow if you’re new here! Link me to your posts below!


25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday is back! 10 Book recommendations people who don’t normally read Science Fiction

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  1. So it’s like Alice in Wonderland + Zombies ? 😀 Sounds like something I’d like! Great list!

    Happy TTT! I’m so thrilled that TTT is back. I felt like my blog had no content what so ever without it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great topic! While I like science fiction, I don’t always enjoy reading it, so this is a great list. I LOVED All the Birds in the Sky. What a wonderfully different sort of book.

    Here is my TTT.


  3. I always say I don’t like sci fi then I think of my favourite books and at least a third of them are sci fi 😀

    For me the best ones are those where the science and tech isn’t too heavy.


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