My August Favourites

Hello m’dears. Despite all my best intentions August has utterly flown by. I can’t believe we’re almost properly into Autumn, where was the summer? I’ve got some favourites to share with you with some life updates ‘hidden’ within!

New House = New Bookshelf = More Books Right?

We moved! That’s right, the fiance and I packed our bags and left our grotty student house behind and are now comfortably settled in our little flat. My favourite part is the bookshelf I built with my own fair hands! It’s wonderful even though it’s already almost full! That just means we buy another bookcase and more books right?

Wedding Dresses are Pretty

I tried on my wedding dress for the first time! It fits! This has been something causing me inordinate amounts of stress so it’s wonderful to not have to worry about it. Only a month left until the wedding! Aaaaah.

Toasted Sandwiches are Delicious

Twas the fiances birthday this month and I, being wonderful, bought him a sandwich toaster. We have named it Breville Hotbottom and it is changing the way I consider bread.

New Kindle = More Books Right?

I finally replaced my very broken hand me down Kindle with a Kindle Paperwhite and again, it has changed my life. No more squinting at a tiny phone screen anymore! If anyone knows any good independent makers of Kindle cases let me know!

So it has been a busy month, and I think September will be even busier, so forgive me if my schedule goes awry a little, I’m trying my hardest to get everything scheduled and written beforehand but you know how it is!

See you in September!



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