Monster, Michael Grant ARC Book Review

Hello mortals! Welcome back to another rambling book review from Chaininteraction! I read the Gone series way back when, so when I had the opportunity to read the first installment of the next three books I had to go for it! What did I think of Monster? You’ll have to read on to find out…

Goodreads Summary:

When the dome came down, they thought it was the end of the troubles. Truth is, it was just the beginning.

Shade Darby witnessed events that day, with devastating consequences, and vowed never to feel that powerless again. Now, four years later, she gets her hands on a part of the meteor that began it all – and that’s when she changes.

Trouble is, Shade’s not the only one mutating, and the authorities cannot allow these superpowers to go unchecked . . .

Now that summary is a little misleading because, while Shade is an important and interesting character and the amount of ‘new blood’ Grant pulls into this book is impressive I was most excited about the return of Dekka. That’s right guys. One of the main characters is not only a woman of colour but she is also queer and it just made me so happy. I loved Dekka in the Gone books and I’m beyond glad that she got a higher billing in this book.

That’s not where the buck stops in terms of diverse characters though. We also have a non binary character which in itself was a good thing, though I wasn’t 100% comfortable with some of her (the pronoun she selects in the book) dialogue as some of it felt a little stilted or really blunt the fact that Grant chose not to have a white male protagonist when that was almost certainly a large part of the audience for his earlier books is a good thing.

Plot-wise this is an interesting one to talk about. I wasn’t 100% sure about having the events of the FAYZE repeated across the world, I was worried it would just feel like an upscaled FAYZE which wouldn’t be particularly interesting. In a sense that is what occurs but this is far more character driven than I anticipated, the book follows a number of different characters (you could call it multiple POV) all of whom are affected in some way.

What was interesting is the way Grant has upped his ideas of mutation. Where the powers in the FAYZE were quite ‘clean’ no matter the damage they caused the term ‘monster’ is definitely most applicable here. I shall say no more lest I summon spoilers from beneath the depths but trust me it makes for dramatic reading.

One of the last things I’ll say is that, if you haven’t read Gone and the rest of that series you can still read Monster and understand what’s going on. You’ll miss out on a little bit of background and some of the cameos might not be as powerful but it won’t be a total mystery.

I’m interested to see where the next two books in this sequel series will go, this is a strange sensation of simultaneously being a first book and a really quite late on book in a series.

My rating: 4/5 stars

Monster is publishing on the 19th of October so there’s time to order if you want to read this as soon as possible (let me know what you think!)

By the way, I received a free digital advanced review copy of Monster from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

Did you read Gone? Who were your favourite characters? Let me know in the comments below!


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