Want – To – Read – Wednesdays Air Awakens

Yes Want-To-Read-Wednesday is back. Sorry for the absence I’ve had a hard time fitting in all of the ARC reviews for this month and I needed some more time to get my Wednesday posts in order. I’m feeling a lot more up to date now and I’m ready to share with you some more books I keep meaning to read!

Don’t forget, if you ever want to join in with W2RW all you have to do is write a post about a book you want to read and then link me to it so I can squee alongside you and grow my ever looming tbr.


Realistically, this is total cover love. This book popped up on my Goodreads and I knew I had to read it. Throw in the description which mentions ‘a library apprentice’ and I am totally on board.

Ok researching for this post I just realised this book is on Kindle Unlimited which I currently have a free trial for so this is amazing. I am going to try and squeeze it into my reading schedule so expect a review up soon! (I say soon, my schedule is now booked up until October…)

What say you? Have you read this? Planning to? Let me know in the comments below!


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