TTT! 10 Books I’ve Loved In the Past (and now!)

Morning mortals! Hope you’re all well. I’m super excited about this weeks TTT theme as it has given me the opportunity to wander down memory lane to all the books I remember loving that, to be honest, I would still read today. Read on friends, and don’t forget to link to your TTT in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the beyond amazing The Broke and Bookish. If you don’t already you should head over there and check out the list of all the amazing book bloggers who take part, it’s a great way to find other bloggers who might read the same books as you!

1) Avalon High

This book was my go to ‘read in the bath’ book for so many years the pages are now all wibbly and waterlogged even though it’s never been dropped directly in the water! It was definitely a hit for teen me but I still love the idea now (don’t watch the film, good ideas executed poorly).

2) The Edge Chronicles

Another book series that has stayed with me from childhood. I adored the Twig Trilogy and even though it took me many stops and starts I worked my way through all the books. I love looking at the illustrations as much as I love the story. There’s a tattoo place near me that recently did a huge chest piece of a sky pirate ship and I am so envious!

3) The Roman Mysteries

Definitely intended as books for younger readers but I’m still as obsessed with these as I was over 10 years ago when I first read The Thieves of Ostia on a trip to Rome. If you’re looking for a great historical mystery series then I highly recommend these!

4) The Princess Diaries

These books…I’m sure if I read them back I would find some hugely problematic moments but I have nothing but nostalgia for them. Meg Cabot and I were inseparable back in the day…

5) House of Night

Yes I was one of those teenagers. I read vampire novels. But, honestly, at age 14 these books were a great read and (though I now recognise the clichés) a lot of the themes and issues discussed were quite thought provoking at the time. I’ll grant, I never finished the series but I read quite a few!

6) Skullduggery Pleasant

Recently I got to review Resurrection and it reminded me how much I loved this series! Clever characters, buckets of wit and plot twists galore this is one example of a ‘more than a trilogy’ series that worked (for the most part!).

7) Maximum Ride

An example of a series that went on too long. But the first three books in this series I will treasure forever! Wings, youths, teen angst? What’s not to like?

8) Harry Potter

No Judith you can’t put HP on every TTT list. No. Don’t do it. It’s not at all creative. No stop. Oops.

9) The Hobbit

Perhaps where my lifelong love of Dragons began? We may never know. What I do know is that this is one of my favourite nostalgic reads!

10) White Boots

I was an iceskater back in the day (not a good one mind) so when I inherited my mothers ancient copy of White Boots I was completely obsessed. This is such a wholesome lovely story, if you haven’t read it yet then, no matter how old you are, I fully recommend giving it a go!

So there you go, clearly I read a bit more contemporary back in the day than I do now!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to link me to your TTT post!


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