Want to Read Wednesday – The Girl in the Tower

Hello mortals! Wednesday has rolled around again as it always does and so I have another W2RW for you! This one’s special to me as The Bear and the Nightingale (the first book in this series) was one of the first books I ever bought to review on the blog. It is funny how books that haven’t even published yet can have an element of sentimental value isn’t it?

Don’t forget, if you ever want to join in with W2RW all you have to do is write a post about a book you want to read and then link me to it so I can squee alongside you and grow my ever looming tbr.


While this cover is not quite as stunning as book #1 (which was, in many ways, a cover love purchase) I want to read this mainly for the fairytale quality of Arden’s writing. And this book looks like it’s going to have more of Vasya’s brother Sasha which sounds great to me. I often find myself comparing this book and And I Darken though I’m not 100% sure why as one is fully in the fantasy realm while the other is a bit more of an alternative history. I suppose there is something in the exploration of the brother/sister relationship that chimes between them.

Either way, I’m excited to read the ARC I have of this book at some point in the near future (it may end up being a honeymoon read) and finding out what is next for these characters.

For those who like to know, this book actually publishes in January 2018 so I’m very thankful to get a sneak peek!

What say you? Have you read The Bear and the Nightingale? Are you excited about The Girl in the Tower? Let me know in the comments below!


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