Want to Read Wednesday – The Song Rising

Hello mortals! Welcome back to another W2RW! At the moment my reading schedule is beyond packed so I’m finding it hard to imagine when I’ll ever have time to read these but my heart is willing!

Don’t forget, if you ever want to join in with W2RW all you have to do is write a post about a book you want to read and then link me to it so I can squee alongside you and grow my ever looming tbr.


Problem with this book is that I’m on something of a tight schedule because I have to read it before my fiancé gets round to the audio book. He’s midway through The Mime Order currently and I know he’s likely to spoil it for me if I don’t manage to read this first!

Given how much more I loved book #2 over book #1 I am hoping that the trend continues in an upwards trajectory. Since I believe Samantha Shannon is planning for something ridiculous like seven books that could potentially mean book seven is utterly phenomenal! Who knows?

So every time I head into Blackwells at the moment I find myself almost buying the signed edition of TSR but just chickening out. Maybe post-wedding I’ll have the cash on hand to grab it?

What say you? Are you stuck mid-series like I am? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Want to Read Wednesday – The Song Rising

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  1. The Song Rising is the best in the series so far, hands down. You get so much more insight into who Paige is and see her grow and change. I love that she is such an unapologetically imperfect character. Shannon is writing TBS4 right now and I wish she would hurry it up. I don’t think it is scheduled for release until Spring 2019 right now. =(

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