My Top Ten Book Crushes – TTT

Morning mortals! Welcome back to the blog for another Top Ten Tuesday post. I’m currently (or will be by the time you’re reading this) off on honeymoon so it’s a little weird to be talking about book character crushes (I’ve chosen to make this a little less binary) but I’m not going to lie I have a lot!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the beyond amazing The Broke and Bookish. If you don’t already you should head over there and check out the list of all the amazing book bloggers who take part, it’s a great way to find other bloggers who might read the same books as you!

Can I preface this list with the fact that a lot of these crushes were formed in my teenage years and have simply managed to stick all these years. Hence some are pretty cliché and indeed embarrassing.


I think I’d actually be pretty terrified if I ever met her in real life, but I adore her all the same.

Roar- Cora

While she needs saving a lot, I’m hoping Cora has some character development if there’s more to this series. Something about her appeals to me, can’t quite put my finger on it though…

Vlada – And I Darken

Oh Vlada. Another human I would be straight up scared to meet but at the same time would really like to…get to know…

Kaz – Six of Crows

Who doesn’t like a bit of a project? There’s a reason Kaz is part of one of the biggest ships in the YA fantasy community. Sigh.

Murtagh – The Inheritance Cycle

One from my teenage years. Again it’s that tall dark slightly brooding vibe that I seem to favour.

Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter

Oh this is basically exactly the same as Murtagh except Malfoy is blonde…do I have a type?

Dragon – Uprooted

This one is a bit more recent. He may be unbearably grumpy at times but there’s something enigmatic about this character.

Mather- Snow Like Ashes

Mather’s appeal, for me, was how much he wants to take care of  Meira. Who doesn’t want that?!

Peeta – The Hunger Games

I know, I’m a teenager all over again but I loved Peeta from the moment I first heard the bread story.

Will Wagner – Avalon High

Definitely a teenage one. If you’ve not read this but you love trashy YA fiction then please do. Will is hot. No odds about it. And he has a dog which is of course a must have!

What say you? Do you agree with my picks? Who have I missed out? Let me know in the comments below and link me to your TTT!



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