The Kingfountain Series, Jeff Wheeler My thoughts on books 1-5

Morning Mortals! You are welcome. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Because I decided that, rather than making you read six different blog posts about my opinions of each of the books in the Kingfountain series I thought I would simply write two. So today I’ll let you know my thoughts on books 1-5 and tomorrow I’ll post my review of the final book in the series which releases on the fourteenth of November. Sound like a plan? I’m glad you thought so!

These books are ones I have been meaning to read for some years, since they are all on Kindle unlimited they made ideal honeymoon reading! I devoured all six in about three days which is quite intense even for me! I think the most logical way to approach this is to go book by book!

The Queen’s Poisoner

I actually didn’t think I would love this series as much as I did when I read book one. Something about the voice of young Owen wasn’t quite connecting for me. He felt a little bit aggressively perfect?  As the story continues, however, and we meet great characters like Evie and Ankarette I grew to love it more and more by the moment.

The Theif’s Daughter

Oh this book started tearing my heart apart! Slightly more grown up Owen is far more enjoyable than child Owen. I liked the way that the choices he makes are never easy and often it seems he is making the choices that hurt people the most. As his understanding of the world changes some of that naivety is lost.

The King’s Traitor

The end of this initial trilogy might actually be one of my favourite books in the series. It’s unashamedly lifting a lot of ideas from Arthurian legend, but it has a fresh angle that I appreciated. And that ending…happy tears.

The Hollow Crown

Now we’ve been zapped forward in time and we meet my new favourite character Trynne. She came out of the idea of imagining what would have happened if Lancelot was a girl. Yes. This is amazing. I also appreciated that the plot hasn’t completely abandoned the characters we have known and loved for the last three books.

The Silent Sheild

This was perhaps the least memorable of the books? I think it served the purpose of moving the plot along but it has fewer of those big character changing moments than some of the other books. It’s clear this book was intended to set up all of the action in the final book…if you can jump straight into the next book as I did it’s a great experience but I can’t imagine having to wait around after that cliffhanger!

These have been some of my favourite fantasy books I have read in a while. It’s been a long time since I have been able to fully immerse myself in a series quite so long as this. Even though, after three books or so by the same author you start to be able to predict what the betrayals and romances will be I didn’t mind.

My one criticism, and that may be a strong word, is that sometimes the action can be resolved by what I am calling ‘fountain ex machina’ by which I mean the strange semi-deity-esque force ‘the fountain’ leaps in at the most convenient moment and tells the character not to lie, or how to solve the issue. This is fine one or two times, but it does get to the point where I think it would be easier to just do nothing until the fountain tells you to because why try if the fountain will fix it?

This post is already too long so I must dash! Do stop by tomorrow and find out some of my thoughts on the latest book in the series The Forsaken Throne.

What say you? Have you read these books? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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