The Ramshead Algorithm, KJ Kabza Book Review

Good morning mortals! I’ve reviewed a few short story compilations in the past and, if I’m honest, they have a tendency to be a bit hit or miss for me. Either I love them and I want to share them with the universe or they send me into a deep reading slump and I don’t want to continue on this blogging path I have started. I’m very one track minded. I’m delighted to say that The Ramshead Algorithm is in the former camp and it is just wonderful! Read on to find out more…

Goodreads Summary:

Ramshead Jones has a billionaire father, a dysfunctional family, and a shocking secret nestled in the hedge maze in his backyard: Earth’s only portal to hundreds of other realities. When Ramshead’s unwitting father decides to rip the hedge maze out, Ramshead is forced to use dangerous magic to move the portal before it’s destroyed, too—unless the deadly maze of other family secrets that come to light destroys him first.

In THE RAMSHEAD ALGORITHM AND OTHER STORIES, sand cats speak, ghost bikes roll, corpses disappear, and hedge mazes are more bewildering than you’ve ever imagined. These 11 fantasy and science fiction stories from KJ Kabza have been dubbed “Sublime” (Tangent), “Rich” (SFRevu), and “Ethereal” (Quick Sip Reviews) and will take you deep into other astonishing realities that not even Ramshead has discovered.

This is a gorgeous collection of short stories. Each one is totally unique and yet there is some whimsical, je ne sais quois that holds them all together in a cohesive collection. They appeal to the fantasy lover in me with all the creative, unexpected elements that flood each story. The idea of a hedge maze that is a portal to another realm just hit me right where I wanted it to.

What I loved most were the illustrations that precede each story, simple yet effective at setting the scene of what is to come and entirely necessary when you are trying to set up such disparate settings.

So often the pitfall of short story compilations is that the stories try to be too deep. You know what I mean? Where they somehow feel the need to impart wisdom through a powerful (read: almost incomprehensible) metaphor that just leaves you feeling a little flat. These were so much more about the creativity and the speedy worldbuilding and the magic of it all that you don’t get caught up in all of the metaphor etc.

If you like short story compilations and/or you are into fantasy this is a book to get your hands on. Well worth your time!

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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By the way, I received a digital advanced review copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

What say you? Is this something you would like to read? Let me know in the comments below!


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