Where the Stars Rise, ARC Book Review

Hello Humans! Another anthology? I’ve been converted. A year ago I saw them as no more than things that would induce a reading slump. Now I’m actively searching for them. If you can find a theme you’re into they can be a great way to discover new authors and get just a flavour of many different minds.

Goodreads Summary:



Follow twenty-three science fiction and fantasy authors on their journeys through Asia and beyond. Stories that explore magic and science. Stories about love, revenge, and choices. Stories that challenge ideas about race, belonging, and politics. Stories about where we come from and where we are going.

Each wrestling between ghostly pasts and uncertain future. Each trying to find a voice in history.

Orphans and drug-smuggling in deep space. Mechanical arms in steampunk Vancouver. Djinns and espionage in futuristic Istanbul. Humanoid robot in steamy Kerala. Monsters in the jungles of Cebu. Historic time travel in Gyeongbok Palace. A rocket launch in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. A drunken ghost in Song Dynasty China. A displaced refugee skating on an ice planet. And much more.

Embrace them as you take on their journeys. And don’t look back . . .

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I’m always trying to read more diverse books. It’s no secret that I fail at this a lot. I am by no means an example of how to read diversely. I’m too easily caught up in the latest hyped up book to really focus my reading. It’s something I’m hoping to improve as 2018 goes on. But this anthology is an excellent example of why we need diverse books. The stories told in this compilation draw from themes and references that I couldn’t hope to have come in contact with in my Euro-centric lifestyle. It creates something vastly different from anything I have read before and almost all of these stories are pure excellence.

As with any anthology there are some that are better than others. There’s one that involves spider babies that most definitely set of my arachnophobia (which doesn’t make it a bad story it just left me feeling itchy all over). You only have to read the summary to see that this is a book utterly full of imagination and creativity. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a set of short stories. There’s the added bonus that some of the proceeds from sales will go to charity!

My rating: 4/5 stars

I received a digital advanced review copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

What say you? Do you try to read diverse books? Let me know in the comments below!


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