8 Creative Bookworm Resolutions for 2018

Hello humans! It’s the new year, you may have already made your new year’s resolutions, but on the off chance you’re as disorganised as I am, I’ve come up with some ideas…

1) Buy fewer books


2) Stop staring at the covers

They are mesmerising, the foil is so sparkly, but your loved ones are beginning to worry.

3) No really, stop buying the books

What are you talking about I don’t have a problem?

4) Converse with your loved ones

They miss you, your sister is worried your little niece will grow up thinking you have a book and no face…

5) Have a conversation that doesn’t involve ‘oh that’s just like a book I read’.

Who am I kidding this is physically impossible!

6) Please, for the love of your bank balance stop buying the books.


7) Get through your TBR

*collapses in fits of laughter*

8)Maybe get some books from the library? You don’t need to buy all of them…

Ok yeah, that might be some good advice…

Are you making any serious bookish resolutions in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

*Goes back to browsing bookshops*


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