My 2018 Blog Set Up – How I’m Staying Organised This Year

I can almost see 2019 Judith looking back on this blog post and laughing hysterically. Any time in my life where I have attempted to ‘get organised’ it usually ends in disaster. Now most of the time those disasters are small, I have yet to set anything on fire with my organisation. Yet.

Anyway I am babbling. I wanted to share with you some of the ways I’m staying organised with my blog schedule this year before it all goes away in maybe March.

Keeping track of my TBR

My Bullet Journal TBR tracker from last year has had a bit of an upgrade. I’ve decided to record not just the title, pub date and where I got it from, but to add in the author name (so I can stop double checking my spellings) and the publisher (for those all important ‘thankyou’ tweets). Hopefully this will help me keep track of what I’m reading this year. Having said that, it already spans two double page spreads and it’s only January so we shall see how that goes!

Marking reviews

Another BuJo tactic. I’ve got monthly spreads right at the start of my journal that have all of my blog posts written out. This has been the most helpful addition as it means I can see at a glance what I have and haven’t written yet. If you like having a written list rather than digital I can recommend this method.

Not giving a crap

I’ve just decided that this year I’m going to write what I want. I’m not second guessing what will get me on people’s good sides. If I love a book people hate – that’s fine. If I loathe a popular read – that’s fine too. Something about that attitude is totally liberating and it’s making writing reviews and blog posts more fun which in turn makes me way better at writing them! Result!

Deal with a witch

So I went for a long walk in the woods one day and I kind of strayed from the path. So it was starting to get dark when I came across this crumbling down cottage in the middle of a clearing. There was an old woman there with this kind of cauldron thing? She let me have a sit down and then said that for a small price she’d give me actual organisational skills this year. What a bargain! Haven’t heard from her since I woke up back on the path with no time having passed at all…Ah well!

What say you? How are you staying organised in the things that you are doing this year? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “My 2018 Blog Set Up – How I’m Staying Organised This Year

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  1. I’ve never really got my head around bullet journals, but I keep myself organised (I can hear my beloved cackling already) with a spreadsheet where I can plan out what I want to blog about and keep track of whether I’ve done it yet. It did wonders for getting me ahead of myself so I wasn’t always blogging at the last minute (ahem, except for when I am). Plus I can use additionals tabs to keep track of what ARCs I’m sat on (and when they come out) and to brainstorm out some of my non-review content. Yay for keeping track of stuff!

    …also YAY for not giving two hoots about other people’s opinions. I think this is the most valuable bit of book blogging: it’s your views, regardless of whether other people share them.

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