Things NOT to say to Bookworms

The bookworm is a delicate creature, easily perturbed. You must approach with caution. However, if treated with appropriate care and quiet persistence you will find them to be loyal companions who will have a constant supply of book recommendations for you to enjoy. If you try really hard they might even lend you their book…maybe.

But there are some things you should NEVER say to a Bookworms unless you’re looking to send them fleeing into their libraries or worse, releasing their pent-up fury at the treatment of their favourite characters in your direction. What follows is a short introduction to some key phrases you should avoid.

‘Do you really need that book?’

A harmless question to most. To a bookworm, however, this threatens the very core of their being. In particular, avoid this statement when in bookshops and in the hardback section – the bookworm is prone to thwacking those that say such things with whatever book they have in hand.

‘That book you told me to read…didn’t like it!’

*Gasp* How could you say such a thing! The bookworm has gifted you not just a book recommendation but a small portion of their soul (and if your bookworm is anything like me they don’t have much of a soul left at this point). To so casually reject their offering like this is sure to send them into a spiral ending with them wrapped in many cosy blankets, clutching a mug of tea and reading whichever book you have spurned.*

‘There is a good bookshop where we are going but we won’t have time to go there’

What? How could you tempt the bookworm so, only to dash their hopes so cruelly? There is always more time! You don’t need to go to that important meeting/family event (sorry aunt Marjorie but your wedding just isn’t that vital) and instead can now go to the bookshop. Sorted.

*Can I make it clear that I mostly don’t mind when people don’t like the books I love? But sometimes it does feel like a personal attack!

What other phrases should you avoid? Let me know in the comments below!



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