Bookblogger goes outside: Week One

Hi friends! I started this blog as a way of keeping a hold over all the things I’d been reading, a fun side effect of that was that I got to become a part of an amazing community and meet people I never thought I would. Life is largely the same as it was a year ago, with the slight changes of being married, being in a new flat and having a new job title. You know, the little things.

But it’s time to shake things up. I’ve cut my hair shorter because that’s basically how I mark changes in my life and it’s time to finally tackle the issue of diet and exercise.

That’s your warning right there, I know some people don’t want to or can’t read about stuff like this and I won’t be offended if you back slowly away now. Honestly, these (hopefully weekly) blog posts are more for me to feel like I’m progressing.

I’m writing this at the beginning of week 2 of this exciting journey I’ve decided to undertake and at this point I’m feeling pretty positive. I’ve decided to combine some basic not-too-restrictive calorie counting with the Zombies Run couch to 5k app to get me started with running. I used to love running when I was younger and then asthma and laziness kicked in together and…here we are.

How did it go?

I know the first week is easiest, I’m aware of that, I have faith that I will totally fall off the wagon as soon as things get remotely busy for me but guys it went really well. I completed all the runs I had planned (thanks to the motivation of my darling husband) and while I didn’t eat ‘perfectly’ (what is perfect eating, when did I start classifying foods as good or bad this is silly?) I still ate more healthily and in more moderation than I normally would have done.

According to the app, I should be able to run a 5K in eight more weeks. I’m somewhat dubious about that fact, right now I can’t see it ever happening. But I’m going to keep donning my grubby running shoes and making my way round our little village in the hope that it could come true.

I’m genuinely pleased with how I’m doing and at this point, I can see it continuing in a similar vein. Maybe it’s the newfound endorphins, maybe it’s simply naivety, only time will tell.


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