TTT – 10 Books I could Re-Read forever

Morning mortals! I’m so excited for today’s theme! I don’t do a whole lot of re-reading at the moment but there are so many books that I pick up if I don’t want to start a new book but I’ve just got half an hour or so to kill.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and is an awesome way to discover new bloggers who like the same kind of books as you do!

What an interesting colour pallette!? Are any of these on your list, let me know in the comments below!


21 thoughts on “TTT – 10 Books I could Re-Read forever

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  1. The Book Thief & The Name of the Wind are still on my TBR.
    Every time I admit to that, people get on my case with their BUT THEY ARE AMAZING AND YOU HAVE TO READ THEM NOW. I’m tryiiiiing. But there are so many books and.. and.. *cries*
    The Book Thief is on next month’s TBR though! Let’s hope I actually get to it this time – I think I put it on my TBR twice before so oops..

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