Where to Find A Bookworm

So you’ve decided you want to locate your favourite bookworm. You’ve tried the normal methods: email, phone, texts, bat signal, but none of them have worked. Have no fear, I’ve thought of some places you might want to check and some techniques to try to lure them out.


I know, I know it sounds unlikely. Bookworms actually venturing out of their pillow forts and reading nooks and into the outside world!? But remember many bookworms head out to take photos of their precious books in the great outdoors. They won’t have strayed far, however, simply lay out a trail of their favourite snacks (I recommend chocolate) all the way to the front door and they should scuttle inside pretty quickly.

Under the Tables in the Bookshop

They could be attempting to stay in past opening hours, or indeed building a small house out of paperbacks in their fiction section so they can finally fill the hole in their heart. To extract them from this you’re probably going to need to get the bookshop to call security because once they’ve settled in you’ll have a hard time removing them on your own.

Have You Checked the Wardrobe?

Armed with a head torch and a bowl of snacks a bookworm can lurk in the soft warmth of a wardrobe for many hours, only emerging to replenish said snacks. If you’re attempting to extract a bookworm from said location be sure to approach with caution, knock gently on the wardrobe door – you don’t want to startle them and there’s always a chance they’ve gone all the way to Narnia.

I hope you find your bookworm. If not, I’ll do some thinking and try to come up with some more places they might be! If you have any ideas share them in the comments below!



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  1. Ha! This is perfect! I think I should show this to my Mum so she knows where to search for me. ^^ Though I’m usually hiding under my blanket so I don’t have to stop reading for dinner, cleaning up, taking the dog out…. 😀


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