Wondercrate Unboxing – Ink & Wonder Designs

Hello Humans! If you follow me on twitter then you already knew this bonus post was coming. If you don’t, why not? Sometimes I retweet pictures of dogs! Aaaaanyway. I’m here to unbox the first ever Wondercrate from Ink & Wonder designs. I didn’t realise before but I actually already own a lot of their woodmarks from various subscription boxes in the past but this is the first time I’ve ordered directly from them.

What I love about Ink & Wonder is not only their gorgeous designs but also their ethos, their woodmarks are eco friendly and I was delighted to find eco friendly wooden packaging rather than polystyrene or bubble wrap!

I’ll kick off with the price. I think this box is actually pretty well priced at 50 AUD which at the moment is just under £30. I did have to pay international postage and then a customs charge of £13 which is kind of what you get yourself in for when you buy from Australia (not to mention that the air miles on this package perhaps make the ‘eco’ elements of this somewhat moot, but that’s on me not on Ink & Wonder.

Price and postage aside, I wanted this box partly because I’m a sucker for exclusive things, I also love getting boxes of loot in the post and because it’s the first ever one!

But you don’t care about my decision making process! Let’s open this up!

Even the info card is pretty! This box had a theme of ‘Light and Dark’ and suggested you unbox while listening to ‘I will follow you into the dark’ by Death Cab for Cutie which just so happens to be one of my favourite songs. This card features lyrics from the song and the reverse has all the information about the various goodies!

First we have this A4 print featuring a quote from everyone’s favourite long list shapeshifting godfather Sirius Black. This is the first HP themed item in the box and I love both the quote and the design.

It’s a sew on patch!! I’m obsessed with this patch and it has inspired me to start collecting again! Featuring a quote from LOTR this hits me right in that sweet spot of being both beautiful and part of a fandom I love.

Next up we have this Star Wars magnet. This is a nice thin magnet (which I like because we have little room for bulky magnets on our fridge) and will definitely work with the other Star Wars magnets we already have (nerd marriage for the win).

Now on to the second HP themed item in this crate. This enamel pin is not only stunning but it also glows in the dark which is pretty darn cool.

I think it must be an unwritten rule of the universe that every bookish crate has to have a Sarah J. Maas item in it because I’ve amassed quite the collection now. I actually really like this vinyl sticker as it’ll be a bit more durable than just paper. I think this is going to go either on my laptop or on my bullet journal!

Now onto the only item which I don’t think I’m going to keep. This A4 print is stunning don’t get me wrong. I’m just not a huge GOT fan and I don’t really have space for posters. Am I going to see you in the next few months? Let me know and I might gift it to you.

Now the final HP themed item in this box, a gorgeous tote bag. I may have hundreds of totes but I can always use more! I’m excited to head out with this Dumbledore quote on my arm!

And finally, woodmarks, which are what Ink&Wonder may be best known for. You get four in the box with quotes from Emily Dickinson, Bram Stoker, Cassandra Clare and Stephen King. I like the mix of older quotes and newer authors. I also appreciated the use of different woods which gives a colour to some of the bookmarks. J’adore.

So, was it worth it? I think this was a great thing to purchase, I liked all of the items even though I might not use them all and those I don’t I can pass on. The shipping/air miles is always going to be an issue but as a once in a while treat this was fabulous.

What say you? What is the best item you have ever received in a box like this? Let me know in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “Wondercrate Unboxing – Ink & Wonder Designs

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  1. *whispers* I’m a huge GoT fan if you can’t find someone to take that print off your hands.

    This is a lovely box! The price initially drove me away, but I love the variety and the lovely designs! Great photos 😄


  2. What a lovely box! I’m currently subscribed to Owlcrate and just cancelled my subscription to Classic Book Box (under duress!!!). I loved them both but the Classic Book Box always has such a fabulous leather bound classic book and a coffee cup. It’s a bit more expensive than Owlcrate though, which is why I cut it. I’m still kicking myself. If this wasn’t an Aussie box, I’d try it for sure! Thanks for the pictures. I’d be in love with this one!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I keep wanting to try Fairyloot! I’m not sure what the price would be for the US, but I’m sure just the shipping alone would be nuts! I’ll do the same and obsess over instagram pics!

        Liked by 1 person

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