Why Bookworms are Basically Disney Villains

Hello humans! Welcome to another silly Sunday post! I’ve had so many reviews to fit in this month and I didn’t want to bombard you with posts. But I’m back now and I thought I’d share with you some similarities I have found between your favourite bookworms and your favourite villains!

Much like Ursula, we would rather you be quiet!

Are you the kind of person who walks up to someone in the depths of reading and asks ‘hey what book is that?’ Bookworms are likely to enter into a long bargain where they obtain your voice and keep in in a shell so that you can’t bother them with these questions mid-chapter!

Much like Cruella De Vil, we adore luxurious things

Ok, it isn’t a craving for a jacket made out of puppies (because we aren’t that villainous) but show a bookworm an exclusive foiled edition of a dust jacket and they just might start cackling and smoking using an extraordinarily long cigarette holder. I’m just saying.

Much like Maleficent, we get upset if we’re not invited to parties

I mean, we didn’t want to go, we probably would have cancelled and stayed at home to keep reading, but it’s nice to be invited!

Much like Scar, we’ve got a bit of a dark sarcastic side

Me? Sarcastic? Never! There is a part of every bookworm that is brooding and dark. As much as we weep when our favourite characters are in trouble…there’s a part of us that finds it weirdly satisfying.

Much like Captain Hook, we have a love for stories

I always found it interesting that Captain Hook wanted Wendy to tell the pirates stories, I don’t often find myself having something in common with the Captain, but hey, I am basically a pirate.

What other bookworm/Disney villain comparisons have I missed? Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Why Bookworms are Basically Disney Villains

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I just absolutely love this list! I’m definitely a Disney Villain at heart. Disney doesn’t know it yet, sadly.

    I’m going to have to think about my answer to this. Especially since my favorite villains, Yzma and Hades aren’t on here but I can’t imagine for the life of me how book lovers are like them. This is too much fun! Fabulous post.

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