TTT – Ten Characters I liked in Books I Didn’t

Hello humans! It’s Top Ten Tuesday and once again it’s quite a tricky theme! Often the reason I don’t like a book is that I don’t like the characters. Nevertheless, I wanted to have a root through some books and pull out some great characters in some not-so-great books!

The Magician's Guild Trudi Canavan

Goodreads | My Review

As much as I didn’t find this book the most engaging story, I did think that Sonea was a good female protagonist within the story. I liked her origins and I liked how she adapted and changed as the plot developed.

Vassa in the night Sarah Porter

Goodreads | My Review

This book definitely didn’t live up to the hype (all my own fault, it’s still a fun story) but I thought that Vassa herself was a powerful protagonist.

Nightblade's Vengeance Ryan Kirk

Goodreads | My Review

I did think that Asa was a bit dim in this book, not seeing the plot reveal from a way off. But until that point I really liked her, I like a woman seeking vengeance, with a bit of a killing streak!

The Stone in the Skull Elizabeth Bear

Goodreads | My Review

I actually think this is quite a good story, it’s just a bit long, but in particular, I liked The Gage, largely because I like non-human characters with a conscience (I love AIDAN ok!).

Frostblood Elly Blake

Goodreads | My Review

This book definitely falls into the ‘so-YA-it-hurts’ category. But I actually think this book has a great villain!

The Fate of the Tearling Erika Johansen

Goodreads | My Review

I’m still angry at this book. But the side characters in this series were among the strongest out there (also part of why I’m angry at this series).

Scourge Gail Z Martin

Goodreads | My Review

The witches the witches the witches! They made this book.

The Goblins of Bellwater Molly Ringle

Goodreads | My Review

This book annoys me still. But I loved how the Goblins were depicted and I certainly think they count as characters!

heartless marissa meyer

Goodreads | My Review

Another disappointing read, but Catherine from the first half of the book is a pretty awesome character.

House of Ash Hope Cook

Goodreads | My Review

I thought that Curtis was a great main character (again he went downhill in the latter part of the book) and I felt like exploring a response to having parents with mental health struggles was an interesting thing to explore. Shame about the rest of the book…

What do you think? Are any of these books redeemed by the characters? Let me know in the comments below!


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