Why Bookworms are basically Disney Princesses

Hello humans! A week or so ago I posted about why Bookworms are basically Disney villains and you guys seemed to like it so I did some more thinking and I’ve come up with some ideas…but this time for Disney Princesses.

Much like Tiana, we’re hard workers

Just watch a bookworm power through a 500+ page novel and you’ll see just how hard we work! We’re also pretty good at saving our pennies for the books we really want (but for other necessities like food or paying bills…not so much?).

Much like Rapunzel, we like to re-read

“Then I’ll re-read the books if I have time to spare.” I’ve never related to a Disney lyric harder, to be honest!

Much like Cinderella we just want to get home!

Forget the clock chiming midnight and your carriage becoming a pumpkin. We’ll leave the ball at 930 if it means we can get back home for a cup of tea and cosy blankets.

Much like Belle, we love a library.

I’d have fallen in love with him over that library, no matter how beastly he was.

Much like Jasmine, we like to travel

Show me a whole new world, ideally fictional, with dragons and lots of magic.

What other Disney princesses do you relate to? Let me know in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “Why Bookworms are basically Disney Princesses

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  1. Oooh, that is so true! I think I’d be a mix of Belle and Jasmine, as I want to have a library more than anything and love travelling haha

    Or maybe even the little Mermaid, as I want to experience every ‘part of the world’ 😀

    Loved that post!

    Liked by 1 person

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