April Wrap-Up

Hello humans! Happy end of April! Yes, I am back from Norway (which was amazing) but that blog post will have to wait because today I have this month’s wrap up! It’s been a great month for me book-wise (going on holiday will do that for you) and I’m thrilled with how you guys have liked some of these reviews!

Books Reviewed

I reviewed 21 books this month (neatly matching my March total). If you like, you can read all of my review in my Book Reviews Archive but here are my top five reviews from April.

The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood

There was some great discussion about this book in the comments section of this review, which was awesome. I had a lot of thoughts about this book and its place in ‘classic’ literature.

the City of Brass S. A. Chakraborty

Fancy a fantasy novel? Can’t get much better than The City of Brass which combines a lot of my favourite aspects of epic fantasy. Highly recommend.

Not So Stories David Thomas Moore

I actually saw a finished copy of this book in Blackwells at the weekend which was nice, I sadly forgot to snap a picture! This is a great collection of short stories.

All the crooked saints maggie steifvater

This was a hard review to write but I think it was an important issue to address. As for this book…it’s hard to explain but it just wasn’t for me!

The unit ninni holmqvist

Interesting that this book made it into the top 5 reviews, I wasn’t particularly enamoured with it but some interesting points were made in the comments which I suggest you go and check out!

Sunday Posts

Only one Sunday post?! Ah, but it was a fun one…

Why Bookworms are basically Disney Princesses

Top Ten Tuesdays

Top ten tuesday graphic

TTT – 10 Words Frequently used in YA Titles

TTT – My Top 10 books of 2018 (so far)

TTT – 10 Books I Loved But Won’t Reread

TTT – Ten Characters I liked in Books I Didn’t

Want to Read Wednesdays

Want to Read Wednesdays graphic

Want to Read Wednesday – Sherwood

Want to Read Wednesday – The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Want to Read Wednesday – Storm

Want to Read Wednesdays – Archenemies

Bonus Posts

Holiday TBR – Norway

Characters who walk the line between good and…less good. (Renegades)

I’m beyond excited for May, I’ve got some amazing reads coming up and even more reviews. I’m also going to the Tolkien Lecture in Oxford tomorrow, for which I am practically jumping for joy! I hope you’ll stick around to see how it pans out…


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