The year of ALL THE RETELLINGS check-in.

Hello humans! If you’ve been around on this blog since the start of 2018 you’ll be aware of a little thing I like to call ‘the year of ALL THE RETELLINGS. This is essentially just the fact that I’ve read more retellings this year than I ever have before, partly because that seems to be what publishing is into at this precise moment in time and also because it’s what I love to read (as much as I make fun, I’m the one buying/requesting the books!). I thought it would be a good time since we’re about to hit June (how?) to look back on all the retellings I’ve read this year. I’ve attempted to sort them but some of them defied categorisation!

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Fairytale inspired:

Magic Bitter Magic Sweet charlie N Holmberg

Magic Bitter Magic Sweet

Tangleweed and Brine Deirdre Sullivan

Tangleweed and Brine

The Hazel Wood Melissa Albert

The Hazel Wood

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The Princess and the Frog:

Frogkisser Garth Nix


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Geekerella Ashley Poston


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The Just So Stories:

Not So Stories David Thomas Moore

Not So Stories

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King Lear:

the queens of innis lear tessa gratton

The Queens of Innis Lear

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One Thousand and One Nights:

the City of Brass S. A. Chakraborty

The City of Brass

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Sleeping Beauty:

Spindle Fire Lexa Hillyer

Spindle Fire

Everless Sara Holland (us cover)

Everless? (kind of?)

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Beauty and the Beast:

The Beast's Heart Leife Shallcross

The Beast’s Heart

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The Little Mermaid:

To Kill A Kingdom Alexandra Christo

To Kill a Kingdom

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Alice in Wonderland:

Queen of Hearts Colleen Oakes

The Queen of Hearts Saga

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Snow White:

Girls Made of Snow and Glass Melissa Bashardoust

Girls Made of Snow and Glass

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Evil Queen:

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns Julie C Dao

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

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PHEW! What’s that? *Counts back* 16?! Sixteen so far (and a lot more that are certainly inspired by something else but that don’t quite count as retellings) and I know there are fair few more to come!

Which retellings are you excited for this year? Let me know in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “The year of ALL THE RETELLINGS check-in.

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  1. I generally love retellings! It certainly seems like there have been even more than usual around recently. There was only one on this list that I haven’t come across yet, but I like all the others that I have read so will check it out too.

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      1. The ‘Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet’. I ahve read ‘Baker’s Magic’ which is a MG book with a similar storyline, but it looks interesting.
        Charlie Holmberg’s books don’t seem to be as popular here in the U.K. I have been trying to get a old of Paper Magician for ages!

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      2. I don’t know if we even have print editions in the Uk? I’ve only seen them on Amazon. I’m not sure 47North really do UK sales much (missing an opportunity if you ask me)

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