TTT – 10 Series I Have Given Up On

Hello Humans and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post. This week’s theme is 10 series I have given up on. I personally think ‘given up on’ may be a bit of a strong phrase as most of these are just series that fell by the wayside. Nevertheless here are my ten picks:

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Honestly, the vast majority of these are just books that I don’t have the time to read the entire set of or series from my childhood that I never reached the end of.

Am I missing out if I don’t finish all of these? Let me know in the comments below!

27 thoughts on “TTT – 10 Series I Have Given Up On

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  1. I never got past the first book in The Talon Saga and probably won’t return to the series either!

    I only read the first 2 books in the Shatter Me series, but I like to think that someday before I die I’ll return to finish the series, but lol who knows?

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  2. Oh wow, I’m so sad to see PJO on your list! I’m currently in book 4 and really enjoying it tremendously. Understandable that it might not feel worth going back and picking back up if it’s been a while, though. ❤ Do you think you will read any of Rick's other series (or have you already)?


  3. I’d be a vote for making the time for House of Binding Thorns – it’s really good, expanding the characters and the world in interesting ways as well as being such an emotional rollercoaster. I’m a huge fan of this series tho 🙂

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      1. Ha! We can’t all love all books equally (which is good for authors) 🙂 If the phrase ‘Asmodeus in a silk dressing gown’ stirs nothing at all, this may not be the book for you 😉

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