I Read A Book A Day For A Month

Goodreads | Amazon UK (Affiliate)Hello humans! I know I did my June wrap-up post, where I talked about all the writing I did last month, but I hadn’t yet talked about all the reading I did. Normally I don’t bother, you get the gist from my Twitter or Goodreads anyway. But last month was a little different. I decided that my TBR had grown too unwieldy – I had books I had pre-ordered months ago just sat waiting to be read! So I made the – probably ridiculous – decision that I would try to read thirty books in June. And it was a journey.

You can read all about my adventures as they happened in this thread.


I’ll have reviews coming for most (if not all) of these books over the coming months so I don’t want to write the longest blog post in the world going through all of them. Instead, I’ll hit you with the highlights.

Best Book

spinning silver naomi novik uk

Goodreads | Amazon UK (Affiliate)

How do you pick the best book? There were so many good ones. Spinning Silver was a highlight because it was so anticipated. But Vicious was also excellent so I suppose it’s a tie (they are very different books so to pit them against each other would be unfair.

Worst Book

wrecker noel

Goodreads | Amazon UK (Affiliate)

I hate referring to any book as bad because I’m aware my opinion is going to be different from the next person’s. But I didn’t get on with Wrecker, it just didn’t do anything for me.

Biggest Surprise

storm of shadows ninian carter

Goodreads | Amazon UK (Affiliate)

I was utterly shocked by how much I enjoyed The Storm of Shadows. It was a remarkably dark yet compelling narrative.

Hardest Book

war storm

Goodreads | Amazon UK (Affiliate)

War Storm. Hands down the hardest book I had to read. 662 pages in one day was a little too much even for me.


The Good Girl's Guide to being a D*ck

Goodreads | Amazon UK (Affiliate)

I read a self-help book? It was an interesting experience but The Good Girl’s Guide to Being a Dick was actually pretty helpful if I’m honest.


the fifth season

Goodreads | Amazon UK (Affiliate)

I read all of The Broken Earth series in June, largely because I had borrowed them from a friend and I had them for a little too long to be polite (I still have them…I should return them). I thought this was an excellent series and it has motivated me to try to read more completed trilogies in this way as you don’t forget everything that has happened!

I’ve slowed my reading down a little for the start of this month, there’s been a lot on. But my TBR is growing as it always does so I’m sure there are lots of great books to come.

What say you? What kinds of reading challenges do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Holy heck, this is amazing! I can’t believe you read a book a day! You go girl. I’m really looking forward to spinning silver and I have the Fifth Season sat by my bed on my TBR too. Have you seen Dr Who, do you remember the Abzorbaloff? Because I’m pretty sure he’s on that Storm of Shadows cover…

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