A Magical Tale with Geek Appeal, A. Philips – Book Review

Hello humans! It is with fear and trepidation that I set out to write this review. Long-time followers of Chain Interaction will know that I almost always write positive reviews, even when I don’t like a book I try to find the reasons why someone else might like it. Even when I have found myself fighting to get to the end of a particularly troublesome tome I always attempt to see the silver lining. However, today I have nothing nice to say. I’ll try to keep this quick.

A magical tale with geek appeal a philips

Goodreads Summary:        

Three Londoners are approached by a strange young man with unusually hairy legs and a proposition, before an ill-fated visit to a supermarket car park reveals the dark intrigue of an alternate realm.

Find A Magical Tale with Geek Appeal on Goodreads (except don’t).

First problem. This book makes no sense. I don’t think this book could decide what it wanted to be, the synopsis suggests something Wonderland-ish, most of the plot seems to be about seducing women (by which they mean taking selfies with them?) but there are also half-monkey people because…reasons? I honestly don’t think I could explain the plot of this book if I had eight hours.

Second problem. This plot is kind of sexist. I say kind of. I mean very. This whole concept centres around these guys for whom I genuinely can’t think of a better name than ‘losers’. They want sex and they aren’t getting any so they turn to this kind of cult which gives them instruction in how to pick up women. Now had the whole book been about exposing these strange ideas that float around about how to pick up women by channelling some primal instinct (because we all want an alpha male of course) and making fun of them I might have enjoyed it slightly more. If it was trying to make fun of them the jokes just weren’t landing. So all you’re left with is characters who are irritating at best that you can’t relate to at all.

Next up, why was this prose so complicated. I felt like I was being beaten over the head with a science textbook every page, this is a convoluted plot as it is, I don’t want to have to sift through piles of useless information about fictional seduction cults to find out what I need to know!

I know. I know. I should have DNF’d this book. I really should have. Some stubborn instinct kicked in at around 100 pages in and I decided I was going to get to the end if it killed me. I am so glad that I will not have to read this again.

Should you read this? No.

My rating: 1/5 stars

I received a digital advanced review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

What say you? Can you think of a redeeming quality? Are you also too stubborn to DNF? Let me know in the comments below!


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